What We Believe

Redeemer aims to “Love God, Love Our Neighbor, and Serve the World.”  While we are not a “doctrinal” church, the Apostle’s Creed is a good summary of our theology.

Beside that we believe:

  • faith in Jesus Christ makes us new, so we expect that we will become more forgiving, more loving, and more engaged in the mission he began over time.
  • Christianity is not a spectator sport or a pacifier for children and old folk. Rather, we know faith in Christ to require bravery, boldness, and commitment.
  • some of the hardest spiritual work we can do is dealing with our own “stuff” and living in harmony with those closest to us.
  • the forgiveness we have in Jesus Christ frees us from living in shame and regret.
  • the Holy Spirit breathes through the words of scripture, the Old and New Testaments, showing us the Triune God’s love and character.
  • a community is vital to living a Christian life; without it, we wither, cut off from the Vine.
  • God’s grace is present in both infant and believer baptism.
  • Jesus’s priorities should be ours, so Christians are to care for the poor, the lonely, the vulnerable, and the voiceless, no matter who they are or where they come from.
  • women are full partners with men in ministry and life.
  • people of all ages and abilities have gifts from God.
  • God stands by us in suffering and that everyone will suffer at some point, even the righteous.
  • prayer changes things because we see it happen all the time.

We belong to the Evangelical Covenant Church denomination.  To learn more about its mission and beliefs check our ECC page or the ECC website itself.